Welcome …

… to the Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto!

The Centre for Ethics, where conversations about ethics happen, sits at the interface between academic research and public discourse. Looking inward, the Centre supports interdisciplinary research on ethics, broadly construed, with no limitations on the disciplinary perspective or perspectives involved. Looking outward, the Centre fosters public discourse on issues of ethical import in all aspects of individual, social, and political life.

Members of the public are warmly invited to attend the Centre’s public events to join and shape conversations about ethical aspects of topical issues, from assisted suicide to electoral reform, from the ethics of immigration to the policing of sexual morality, from ethics in the work and life of Leonard Cohen to the ethics of artificial intelligence. To learn about upcoming C4E Events, please join our mailing list by sending a request to ethics@utoronto.ca or clicking the sign-up button on our home page.

For university researchers, all ethics-related projects and ideas are welcome at the Centre, from the history of ethics to the ethics of history, from the ethics of performance to the psychology of ethical judgment, from professional ethics to the ethos of empire.­­ UofT scholars from any discipline can participate in Centre activities, beyond attending Centre events, by

  • presenting a paper or work-in-progress at the Centre’s work-in-progress series, an informal workshop for Toronto-based scholars;
  • nominating a speaker for a C4E Seminar, a more formal workshop series for external scholars who can engage a broad interdisciplinary audience;
  • submitting a proposal for a C4E Working Group that would facilitate interdisciplinary discourse on an ethics-related topic;
  • suggesting topics for (and participants in) Centre events, including topical Flash Events, Public Lectures, Public Issues Forums, or Conferences; and
  • becoming a Faculty (or Graduate) Associate.

See you at the Centre!

Markus Dubber