Simon Stern, Reasonable Doubters: Cross-Examination, Detection, Mystification (Ethics@Noon)

Ethics at Noon

Reasonable Doubters: Cross-Examination, Detection, Mystification

The methods of the detective and the cross-examiner can help to get at the truth, but they can also cloud the truth, creating doubt where none existed. After a brief discussion of the rise of cross-examination, in the late eighteenth century and through the nineteenth century, I will turn to a series of developments in the detective story that increasingly stressed the unreliability of evidence. These changes, accompanied by developments in forensic science, identified new ways to “de-authenticate” legitimate documents while justifying the skeptic’s questions as merely the expression of a reasonable observer’s doubts. Unlike those who freely attach the label of “fake news” to whatever they disagree with, the reasonable doubter makes a show of adhering to proof standards – but the results may be equally dangerous.

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Simon Stern
Law & English
University of Toronto

Wed, Sep 30, 2020
12:30 PM - 01:45 PM
Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto
200 Larkin