Muriam Fancy, Governance of Ethical AI: Methodologies to Procure Low Risk AI for Public Use (Ethics of AI in Context: Emerging Scholars)

Ethics of AI in Context: Emerging Scholars



Governance of Ethical AI: Methodologies to Procure Low Risk AI for Public Use

AI is not without bias; our understanding of the risks it can pose is often unknown. However, this does not stop governments from procuring and deploying AI systems for the public. This talk will present case examples of how the government procures AI systems. Furthermore, the presentation will follow with methodologies of how to ensure that governments can deploy ethical and safe AI systems. The role of the public, government, and private stakeholders are all different yet necessary to reduce the risk caused when applying AI on a mass scale. The presentation will conclude by recommending policy solutions to avert the consequences of deploying risky AI systems.

Muriam Fancy is completing her final year of her Masters in Global Affairs with a specialization in innovation. Her work focuses are on global technology policy and designing ethical emerging technologies. She is an AI ethics researcher at the Montreal AI Ethics Institute. As well, she is the Research Coordinator at the AI + Society Initiative at uOttawa Centre for Law, Technology and Society.

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Muriam FancyMuriam Fancy
AI Ethics Researcher
Montreal Ethics AI Institute

Wed, Dec 9, 2020
04:00 PM - 05:30 PM
Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto
200 Larkin