Humanomics: A Better Plan for the Social Sciences


Professor Deirdre McCloskey will lead a graduate seminar at the Centre for Ethics on March 14th from 12:30-2pm in the Larkin Building, Room 200.

Professor McCloskey will discuss how economics, in the opinion of economists, is the queen of the social sciences. Econowannabes in other fields seem to agree. But Samuelsonian economics, the study of a charming sociopath named Max U, leaves out what can be learned from the humanities. The humanistic step of categorization lies behind any scientific program, because science is about human questions. Humanomics keeps mathematics and quantification, but adds literature, theology, philosophy, rhetoric and ethics to make a full social science.

Admission is free by registration and open to the public. Register here.

This event is possible because of the generous support of Paul Cadario, SPPG Advisory Board member and Senior Fellow at U of T, as well as the generous support of the Departments of Economics and Political Science at U of T.

Wed, Mar 22, 2017
12:30 PM - 02:00 PM
Room 200, Larkin Building
15 Devonshire Place