Ethics of AI Lab Affiliates

Faculty Affiliates

Abdi Aidid (Law)

► Ethics of AI: Law & Crime

Abdi Aidid, Legal Prediction and Calcification Risk [21 eAIj 11]

Sunit Das (Medicine, Neurosurgery & Neuroscience)

► Ethics of AI: Healthcare

Sunit Das, AI in Medicine: Hopes? Nightmares? [17 eAIj 7]
Sunit Das, Vinyas Harish & Felipe Morgado, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Diagnostics and the Limits of Certainty [19 eAIj 1]
Sunit Das, Terraforming the Ethical Landscape: COVID-19 and the Principle of Justice (Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 7]
Editors’ Preface, in Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI (Dubber, Pasquale, Das) [19 eAIj 24]

Ronald Deibert (Political Science & Citizen Lab)

► Ethics of AI: Security & Surveillance

Ronald Deibert, These Are the Sensors in My Neighbourhood [18 eAIj 15]

Markus Dubber (Law & Criminology)

► Ethics of AI: Law & Crime; Humanities & Education; Professionalism & Judgment; Foundations & Connections

Editors’ Preface, in Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI (Dubber, Pasquale, Das) [19 eAIj 24]

Mark Fox (Engineering & Computer Science)

► Ethics of AI: Urban Planning & Smart Cities

Mark Fox, Sidewalk Toronto: Ethics in the “Smart City” [18 eAIj 4]
Mark Fox, Are We Building Smart Cities on Dumb Information Systems? [18 eAIj 13]
Mark S. Fox, Accountable AI Systems [18 eAIj 21]
Sidewalk Toronto Revisited: Looking Back, Looking Ahead (Ethics in the City) [20 eAIj 5]

Eva-Lynn Jagoe (Comparative Literature)

► Ethics of AI: Humanities & Education

Eva-Lynn Jagoe: “The Ethics and Politics of Reading,” 2017 C4eJ 26
Eva-Lynn Jagoe, The Ethics of the Individual [2017 C4eJ 40]

Mark Kingwell (Philosophy)

► Ethics of AI: Foundations & Connections

Mark Kingwell, Respect and the Artificial Other [17 eAIj 5]
Book Forum on Mark Kingwell, Wish I Were Here: Boredom and the Interface (2019) [19 eAIj 19-23]
Chapter 17: Are Sentient AIs Persons? in the Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI

Nico Lacetera (Economics)

► Ethics of AI: Markets & Commerce

Nicola Lacetera, Ethical Concerns and the Reach of Markets: Paying Kidney Donors [2018 C4eJ 55]
Nicola Lacetera, The Social and Ethical Support of Markets in a Pandemic (Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 8]

Frank Rudzicz (Computer Science & UHN Research)

► Ethics of AI: Healthcare

Frank Rudzicz, The Future of Automated Healthcare [18 eAIj 6]

Avery Slater (English)

► Ethics of AI: Humanities & Education

Avery Slater, Kill-Switch: The Ethics of the Halting Problem [18 eAIj 23]
Avery Slater, Computation and Creativity [19 eAIj 11]
Chapter 27: Automating Origination: Perspectives from the Humanities in the Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI

Brian Cantwell Smith (Information Studies & Computer Science)

► Ethics of AI: Foundations & Connections

Brian Cantwell Smith, Reckoning and Judgment [17 eAIj 8]

Karina Vold (Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology)

► Ethics of AI: Foundations & Connections

Richard Zemel (Computer Science)

► Ethics of AI: Algorithms & Bias

Richard Zemel, Ensuring Fair and Responsible Automated Decisions [18 eAIj 9]

Postdoctoral Affiliate

  • Juliette Ferry-Danini (Philosophy) (2020-21)
  • Ori Freiman (Science, Technology, and Society) (2021-22)

Student Affiliates

  • Mohamed Abdalla (Computer Science)
  • Jamie Duncan (Criminology & Sociolegal Studies)
  • Anne-Marie Fowler (Religion)
  • Suzanne van Geuns (Religion)
  • Vinyas Harish (Medicine, Public Health)
  • Noam Kolt (Law)
  • Nishila Mehta (Medicine, Public Health)

Ethics of AI Graduate Research Fellows 

  • Joseph Donia (Public Health) (2021-22)
  • Jamie Duncan (Criminology & Sociolegal Studies) (2020-21)
  • Kamilah Ebrahim (iSchool) (2021-22)
  • Sharon Ferguson (Engineering) (2021-22)
  • Anne-Marie Fowler (Religion) (2020-21)
  • Mathew Iantorno (iSchool) (2021-22)
  • Noam Kolt (Law) (2020-21)
  • Nathan Olmstead (Political Science) (2021-22)
  • Julian Posada Gutierrez (iSchool) (2020-21)
  • Vinith Suriyakumar (Computer Science) (2020-21)

Ethics of AI Undergraduate Fellows

  • Cheryl Cheung (Political Science, American Studies) (2021-22)
  • Evan Kanter (Computer Science, Ethics, Society and Law) (2021-22)