Centre for Ethics Doctoral Fellowships

Update: Applications for these positions are now closed.

Centre for Ethics
C4E Doctoral Fellowship

We invite applications for the C4E Doctoral Fellows Program and REP Fellows Program at the Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto, during the 2023-24 academic year.

We are looking for outstanding graduate students at the University of Toronto with research interests that align with the C4E’s mission as an interdisciplinary centre aimed at advancing research and teaching in the field of ethics, broadly defined, by bringing together the theoretical and practical knowledge of diverse scholars, students, public servants and social leaders in order to increase understanding of the ethical dimensions of individual, social, and political life.

Please consult our website to get a sense of the variety of projects and activities at the Centre. Recent C4E events have drawn speakers and participants from a wide range of disciplines, including classics, comparative literature, computer science, criminology, economics, education, engineering, English, history, film studies, information studies, Jewish studies, law, management, medicine, media studies, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, public policy, religion, and sociology.  Themes and events are determined every year by the Director in collaboration with visiting faculty fellows, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate fellows.  The Race, Ethics, and Power (REP) project will continue in 2023-24 with Prof. William Paris as Project Director.  Applicants who want to work specifically on that theme should indicate their interest in the cover letter. Masters students will also be considered for the REP fellowship.

Graduate Fellows receive a stipend of $2,500 for the academic year. Fellows will have work space at the Centre for Ethics, with access to a printer and photocopying facilities. Fellows are expected, throughout the term of their fellowship, to be in residence at the Centre for Ethics and to actively participate in the Centre’s intellectual life by attending and helping to plan Centre events and activities, and taking advantage of the Centre’s resources, platforms, and outlets. They may suggest and invite speakers, start reading groups, and organize discussions of emerging public ethics issues, among other initiatives. All fellows are expected to attend and take turns presenting their work at the Ethics at Noon series, which takes place every other Wednesday, 12-2 PM, during the Fall and Winter term.  Fellowships are non-renewable.

Candidates should submit the following materials (in one PDF file):

  • A one-page document describing your interests in the field of ethics, broadly defined, and the activities of the Centre for Ethics; please indicate specifically if you would like to be considered for the Race, Ethics, and Power project;
  • Graduate transcript;
  • Dissertation proposal (Master students applying for the REP Fellows Program should send in a research proposal);
  • Curriculum vitae

Please submit your application materials in PDF format as one file, using the naming convention “LastnameFirstname_DF_2023.” Please send complete applications to Ellen Ough, Centre Administrator, ethics@utoronto.ca.

Applications open:  June 21, 2023
Applications due:   July 21, 2023