How to C4E in 2020-21

Since the university shutdown, all C4E events have been online, and will remain online until further notice. Previous events are available on our YouTube Channel channel, organized by playlist: Ethics of COVID, Ethics of Black Lives Matters, Ethics of Songs, plus Sidewalk Toronto Revisited, The Future of Work in the Age of Automation and AI, and Racial Inequality During a Pandemic.

Attending our virtual events isn’t all that different from attending our in-person events: find your way to our YouTube Channel at the appointed start time, enjoy the livestreamed talk, then pose your questions to the speaker through the YouTube chat window during the live Q & A. As in the past, we encourage you to “register” (for free) on our Eventbrite page; this gets you a handy dandy reminder as the event approaches and gives us a sense of numbers. We also recommend subscribing to our YouTube Channel; this keeps you informed about all upcoming livestreamed C4E events (as before, we expect to add events throughout the year). Plus, you can find our upcoming events the old-fashioned way, by consulting the Upcoming Events listings on our website.

Events in the various series will generally stick to the familiar schedule: Perspectives on Ethics (Mon 4pm); Ethics of AI in Context (Tues 4pm); Ethics@Noon-ish (Wed 12:30); Critical Race Studies (Thur 4pm). Please note that there will be exceptions to accommodate speakers beaming in from other time zones etc. Also please keep an eye out for new series — e.g., Ethics, Aesthetics, Feminism and Ethics of AI in Context: Emerging Scholars, Race, Ethics & Power: Emerging Scholars